Technical Officer (Air Quality and Environmental Noise)

Slough, Berkshire
£31,601 to £36,379 per annum exclusive of local weighting allowance.
29 Mar 2018
26 Apr 2018

JOB TITLE: Technical Officer (Air Quality and Environmental Noise)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Environmental Quality Team Manager

RESPONSIBLE FOR: As a member of the Environmental Quality Team this post is directly responsible for:- 

  1. Monitoring, calibration, measurement, recording, analysis and statutory Reporting on Local Air Quality and its Management within Slough in compliance with the UK regulations and guidance.
  2. Assisting with the implementation, and where necessary the revision, of the Councils Air Quality Action Plan, Air Quality Orders and  Low Emission Strategy including air quality modelling under the guidance of the EQ Team Manager.
  3. Responding to all Local Planning Consultations, DCO applications and Government Consultations that are relevant to local air quality and environmental noise within Slough.
  4. Preparing Planning Officer Consultation reports, Member reports, Planning Panel Technical Reports (air quality/environmental noise sections), and technical evidence (air quality/environmental noise) for Planning Appeals where necessary and to act as the Councils expert witness for Air Quality and Environmental Noise. 
  5. Maintaining and updating the Slough’s Air Quality Website, as well as preparing air quality communication and awareness campaigns for schools and the public in collaboration with Public Health.
  6. Working collaboratively with planning, highway and transport, environmental health colleagues to secure environmental improvements with air quality and environmental noise. 


Number of reports:

Direct reports:             0

Indirect reports:           0

Total Managed:          0


Financial Responsibilities:

Revenue / income / expenditure / capital



To protect the local environment and Public Health of local residents from harmful air pollution and environmental noise pollution. Specifically to administer, regulate, inspect, monitor, enforce, report and give advice and guidance within the specialist fields of local air quality and its management and environmental noise and its management. To assist and enable planning officers to adequately determine planning applications by ensuring appropriate air quality and noise avoidance, mitigation and offsetting measures are incorporated within new development in order to prevent harmful impact on local amenities and to promote sustainable development.


MAIN ACCOUNTABILITIES: (recommend no more than 12 points)

  1. Responsible for maintaining and managing Slough’s air quality monitoring network (passive and continuous monitoring network) including overseeing the third party data management and service and maintenance contracts for Slough’s air quality monitoring stations. Undertaking 2-weekly LSO duties on Slough’s monitoring stations and 4/5 weekly diffusion tube runs and maintaining the master spreadsheet for air quality data.
  2. Responsible for tendering the diffusion tube and service and maintenance contracts for Slough’s Air Quality Monitoring Stations.
  3. Undertake all air quality data ratification on an annual basis, and complete ‘Statutory’ air quality reporting (Annual Status Reports (ASR) and other relevant air quality reports), revoke, vary or amend air quality orders as required, undertake statistical trend analysis, and report to five year Outcome Group and Public Health PDG on air quality trends within Slough.
  4. Commission air quality modelling and/or undertake air quality modelling (with sufficient training), source apportionment and reduction scenarios to determine the effectiveness of the Air Quality Action Plan and Low Emission Strategy and undertake amendments where necessary with assistance from the EQ Team Manager.
  5. Assist with Public Health reports on air quality, prepare awareness campaigns on air quality and simple action plans for residents to adopt, promote the Airtext service and undertake community initiatives (i.e. walk to school, exhaust testing, ‘switch of idle’ engines) in collaboration with other partners and stakeholders.
  6. To create an up-to-date fully functional GIS air quality and environmental noise database for Slough.
  7. Attend and participate in Heathrow Air Quality Working Group meetings, Heathrow Partnership meetings, relevant SASIG meetings, and other relevant local authority meetings relating to air quality and environmental noise.
  8. Respond to requests from the EQ Team Manager, Senior Management, Members and Heathrow Strategic Partnership Group (HSPG) in relation to air quality and environmental noise.
  9. Respond in a timely manner to planning consultations, and where necessary, prepare expert reports in order to assist in the determination of planning applications, appeals and give evidence at public inquiries.
  10. Lead EQ officer responsible for DCOs application responses, consultations, meetings and preparation of Local Impact Reports and evidence in relation to air quality and environmental noise.
  11. To produce high quality and accurate reports (including committee, cabinet and group reports), letters, and correspondence, statutory notices, statements of evidence. To personally present these documents and advise officers, members and relevant stakeholders.
  12. To assist with the development, improvement and implementation of procedures and practices for Environmental Quality related fields and work. 
  13. To represent the Council on relevant external groups and forums, including community groups and to respond to residents, Members, senior officers and management and other stakeholders queries in relation to air quality and environmental noise.
  14. To actively seek and secure grant funding for air quality projects on behalf of the team reporting to the Environmental Quality Team Manager for direction and support.
  15. To act as the Councils Expert Witness (air quality and environmental noise) and attend Planning Committee, Public Inquiries, DCO hearings, and other Government Public Scrutiny Bodies to give evidence as required.
  16. Under the direction of the EQ Team Manager to be responsible for assisting with implementing air quality action plans, the Councils Low Emission Strategy and Low Emission Programme.
  17. To provide support across all areas of Environmental Quality Team and to carry out any other Environmental Quality Team duties from time to time, as required by the Environmental Quality Team Manager.